Eric and Anna’s 1st cuckold experience…..Con…


*************************Part 3 (last one)*******************************

he was massaging my sexy wifes tummyy and i can hear his breathing sounds …her legs was being crossed sometimes ..might be she was feeling shy and bit horny

close up of my wifes panty covered pussy ..when he was massaging her belly

her panty is moved side a bit little more crotch is visible..i am sure he was enjoying

his finger tips is fingering her sexy navel

now , i said him you massage boobs ? ..he said yea in a trembling voice..i give the permission ..he without applying cream ..pass his palm to my sexy wifes boobs under lingerie ..his expression says clearly my wifes boobs was his first boob he touched

he totally forgot to apply cream to massage boobs ..he was massaging her boobs wifes toe was curling

lucky massage guy was massaging my sexy wifes boobs ..still he forgot to apply cream on her boobs .he was in heaven

he was massaging her boobs ..literally he was not massaging just pressing the softness

now i remind him need no cream to massager (.) (.)
i said him to expose her boobs ..and apply cream …he was in 7th heaven

he slowly lowered her lingerie ..

look at my sexy wifes legs
crossed and toes was curling
she was too excited ..little shy and little horny

now i asked the guy would you like to taste pussy ?…
he could not believe at first ..then he said again pardon ?
i said him wanna suck pussy
he got the moon in his hand
my wife was being ready to be licked by him
so as me …

now he make my wifes sexy panty aside …smell the pussy ..put his tongue to taste my wifes delicious pussy ……..

he was enjoying pussy juice……….cause his first time he was so excited to put his face in my wifes crotch

looks like he was trying to put his whole tongue inside her pussy

she pushed her ass …..he was good in tongue work

i asked the massage guy to suck nips……….

Her nips were erect from the sensual sucking…mmmm…the pokies is the evidence

now he went to change his dress to a towel …she was laying shy Love that panties moved to one side of the lipssss  due to his sucking

my smoking hot wife with silken smooth skin and irresistible curves was laying for the consequence …

i removed her panty ..he changed his dress with only a towel ..spreading my wifes,my wife is saying she was feeling uneasy and said him to lick her pussy ……… he have to wait more seconds to penetrate

he lowered his face to her yummy pussy and started to lick again now she started to enjoy the situation ..look her curved toes in ectasy

look her curling toes ..she was enjoying now

continued erotic tongue action of the amateur guy

he was completely in my wifes groin

he pulled her groin to have close attachment tongue and pussy

he is having a great time,
Look at is involvement, arm encircled her sexy thighs and grasping her closely

He is doing his best to my sexy wife to make her time pleasurable

he was as deep as he can , inside her and taking the juicy out by his inexperienced tongue

her sizzle ling P***Y
Wide open for the guy to enjoy, make his night unforgettable…so as us

more close up of pussy sucking of my wife a porn photographer

he was licking her like baby feeding breast milk!

his tongue is in her pussy which was full of juices

he was very thirsty for erotic love juice of my sexy wife

now time to enjoy the extreme fantasy ……..the penetration , i said the the massage guy to wear a condom and be ready to penetrate as my wife she was ready to enjoy other mans cock in her pussy ….

now my heart was beating fast ,, my fantasy was going to be real
no chance turn back from that moment
and really i din’t feel any jealous
by one thrust he was fully in in my wifes puffy creamy pussy
i /we 3 was enjoying it really  

now he started stroking very hard in my wifes warm, wet and slippery cunt ..and she looks good taking that cock just as my fantasy was

he lean forward to her chest for stroking ..i warned him not to do hurry he will cum
he was not in a position to listen me ..
anna was starting to enjoy ..

i was clicking pics and stroking my cock ..
this one i clicked from back side
and he was in balls length deep inside anna
anna spread her legs wide open for this stranger stud.

i can see anna was enjoying and creaming for his cock ..he was very fast in stroking

now the massage guy continuing his thrust …..i was enjoying his ball deep dick in my wifes pussy

anna was creaming ..

last five pics of this series

************************End of series*****************************